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How can I diagnose and treat my daughter's rash?
My 2 and a half year old daughter has come up with what looks like a bad rash or allergy. It very red and has a map like pattern to it. This is the first time this has occurred. We gave her some Allergex syrup yesterday and by the afternoon the allergy was gone. Unfortunately, this morning it's back. Very itchy, so she's scratching a lot, but there is no fever. Any ideas as to what it could be and what I can do to treat it? - Charlene

Arlaine Oxenham runs 
Babies on Beachway, a clinic in the Durban North area offering antenatal classes and post natal advice with the focus being on feeding and sleep issues from birth up to two years of age. She says:

It’s quite difficult to diagnose a rash without actually seeing it.  The fact that you say it is very itchy but your daughter has no temperature makes me think it’s not too sinister.
A chickenpox rash usually presents as blisters but is often preceded by cold-like symptoms & fever as is measles & rubella.

The Allergex will definitely help to take away the itch but you can also try calamine lotion to try & soothe her skin. Consider things like a change in diet recently – has she eaten something new or been somewhere different that could have irritated her skin. Have you changed washing powders, soaps or her creams at all?

Most rashes do clear up on their own but if this carries on for more than 3 or 4 days & does not seem to be getting better, I would take her to the doctor for a proper diagnosis & treatment.

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8 Comments so far:
laetitia on 15 April 2011
hi the a
Annique resque cream with clear the nappy rash aswell as bathing baby in rooibos tean
Nicky Pringle on 19 April 2011
Nevana Naural OIntments and Oils has a fantastic Baby Balm which will clear the nappy ras we well.
Nicky on 19 April 2011
Nevana Natural Ointments and Oils has a fantastic Baby Balm whcih will clear the Nappy Rash.
Jagmeet on 15 October 2012
Chicken pox are usually small fluid-filled bltseir type lesions. After a couple days the bltseirs will scab. Usually a child will also have flu like symptoms with chicken pox. Your's son's rash looks like hives-maybe a reaction to something. Almost looks like bug bites (especially on the arm). Children can also develop rashes as a reaction to a virus. Benadryl would likely help with the itching symptoms.
abzrkwpw on 16 October 2012
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xogxsbavc on 20 October 2012
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sannie on 2 April 2015
Hi iv got a 18days babie he has lot of rush all over the body is allegax syrup good for him and his breathing while sleeping at night n while m breast fedding is not good so the other Doctor give him Iliadin Salin nasal drop is it good
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