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My baby is 18 months and not walking yet. Should i be concerned?

Are there other babies who were not walking yet at 18 months?

Arlaine Oxenham runs Babies on Beachway, a clinic in the Durban North area offering antenatal classes and post natal advice with the focus being on feeding and sleep issues from birth up to two years of age. She says:

Most babies do start walking at around 1 year of age but there are many who do not.

You do not mention if your baby is crawling or when it started crawling – a late crawler may lead to a late walker – or if your baby is cruising ie. Holding onto furniture & walking around that. If so, there is a good chance that walking will be soon but if not, it would probably be a good idea to visit your doctor to have an assessment done & also to put your mind at rest.

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