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How do we know what vaccinations are best for our baby?
I took my son to the Paed and whilst there I spoke to a lady from the Clinic who told me that they do injections at 8 weeks, not 6 weeks, and it includes a whole long list of medicines. She said the Storks’ Nest gives a different one at 6 weeks. How does this work?
- Julia

Arlaine Oxenham runs Babies on Beachway, a clinic in the Durban North area offering antenatal classes and post natal advice with the focus being on feeding and sleep issues from birth up to two years of age. She says:

The immunisation schedule can be so confusing to new mothers as you are bombarded with so much info & you obviously need to make the correct decision for your baby.

The 6 week & 8 week immunisation are exactly the same in that your baby will be vaccinated against the same diseases no matter which clinic you choose. A private clinic has to charge for immunising as we have to buy the vaccinations from the suppliers whilst the state or government clinics do not charge – La Lucia is actually a government clinic & not private.

The difference between the 6 & 8 week jabs is the actual vaccination they use. At 8 weeks, we use a vaccination called Infanrix Hexa which consists of Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Pertussis, Meningitis & Hepatitis B ie 6 diseases in one injection. At the same time, your baby will also receive another vaccination for Pneumococcal disease as well as drops against Rotavirus so it will be 2 injections & 1 set of drops.
At 6 weeks, your baby will be given an injection called Pentaxim which consists of Diphtheria,Tetanus, Polio, Pertussis & meningitis as well as a separate injection for Hepatitis B ( the 8 week one is inclusive of Hep B). The Pneumococcal & Rotavirus vaccinations are also done.

To put it in a nutshell, the only difference is that at 6 weeks your baby will get 3 injections & 1 set of drops whilst at 8 weeks, it is 2 injections & 1 set of drops.
Please also be aware that this whole thing is repeated again. If you start at 6 weeks then the next ones are due at 10 & 14 weeks but if you start at 8 weeks, the next one is at 12 & 16 weeks. There is no Rotavirus  immunisation at 14 or 16 weeks – they only need 2 doses.

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22 Comments so far:
Jacques Haughton on 14 June 2012
Good day,We live in Gordons Bay in Western Cape.Our Baby Ava is today 7weeks.At six weeks,injections was not done,for reason that NO Vaccinations available??Doctor contact Private Clinic,nothing.My wife contacted 5 Pharmarcies Nothing.All saying theres a shortage,and we to are on a waiting list.Can this be possible??Who can I contact,as I think this is rubbish,that,medication is not available.
Jacques Haughton
Adrian on 3 October 2012
Please can you advise where the La Lucia clinic is located & whether they only do the immunisation jabs on specific days?
Shohei on 15 October 2012
Thank you Mike for your message and poinnitg this out.This was the intended link and the copy was meant as a reminder. I have updated the copy to make this clearer.
vwaoedpf on 19 October 2012
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M Thomson on 14 February 2013
My grandson has had a bad reaction to the BCG injection that he was given at the hospital on the day he was born, he has an abcess that formed under his arm which has had to be lanced 4 times in the last 4 months. I am worried about the small pox inoculation that he has to have at 9mnths if this was his reaction...
hemanth on 19 March 2013
my son is 9 months old can i give him pnuemococcal and rotaviral at a time
Yashvi on 20 April 2013
My daughter is 6 weeks old,today she has been given injections for Hepatitis-B & PENTAXINM,when can i give her PNEUMOCOCCAL & rotavirus
bunmi abidoye on 14 August 2013
Please of what relevant is the vaccine Pneumococcal and Rotavirus for babies at 6,10 and 14 weeks.
Its quite expensive here in Nigeria.
Michelle Brathwaite on 1 November 2013
Please could you tell me where to go to have my children vaccinated - we live in Sunningdale.
Doreen on 16 November 2013
more info on vaccines please.Why no hepatitis b injection in government clinics
hope on 27 November 2013
my baby is 16weeks old now. I have had a credible service of baby vaccination in the comfort of my own house. Sister Leratoh operates in Johannesburg, and provides this mobile service. You can send an sms to 0836836227
hemanth on 20 December 2013
Please could you tell me I went to clinic with my baby for first month hepatitis injection doctor told me there is two type of injection one is local and another one imported so what is the different between this two.
celine on 26 December 2013
My baby had her six week vaccines a week ago and she's been very fussy since monday. She has a fever but I get it down with ibuprofen. Is it possible that the vaccines are causing this? Even if it has been a week? I'm starting to worry. She is my first baby
Mel on 22 February 2014
Good day could anyone recommend the various places to have baby immunizations done in East London? Also which is the most cost effective place
Candy on 22 July 2014
My baby girl has just turned 8 wks and is having her vaccinations tomorrow...I am really worried and thinking about not giving them to her as many moms have said their babies have stopped smiling, refuse to give eye contact, cry a lot, feed less, have fevers and are generally different personality wise. This is my first baby and she is very good and is an extremely happy baby, (even though she has colic and really bad sleep apnia)...I don't want to make her unhappy or change her! I just want to give her the best chance in life! I'm confused and really not sure what to do! Would any one like to share? Also, I heard that government issued vaccines here in South Africa are more likely to have side that true?
Kokes on 12 August 2014
Pls visit this blog site for South Africans
peter carroll on 18 January 2016
Which Govt department do I contact to get on the distribution list for vaccines
Sarah on 6 March 2016
I would like to know if it's normal for the 6weeks vacation to be done at 4weeks because my daughter's appointment is scheduled when she will be only 4weeks?
MARLIZE on 20 March 2016
Hi. My son got his 14 week injections on wednesday. Now he has a red rash at some spots on his body like his face and arms. Can it be due to the injection? He also got the flu right there after. He has n runny nose and coughts
John on 17 April 2017
If Babies stop smiling and have mood changes it is due to vaccines and side effects. We have a 4 month baby and had no vaccines and he is as cute and strong as can be. No issues and had not been sick a single minute. Do not give a vaccine earlier than recommended. Abscess under arms is an indication of a negative side effect of a vaccine. Breast milk even works against vaccines.
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