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The Pet Hamster - Got to find it first!

Our daughter celebrated her 8th birthday this weekend. On her wish list (for the MANY months before the birthday, including the almost twice-DAILY reminders) was a dwarf hamster. My husband was duly dispatched with the task of purchasing said creature on Friday afternoon.

As we had to keep the hamster a surprise until our daughter’s birthday on Sunday, and we had family for dinner on Friday night, the creature was kept safely out of sight in my husband’s car for the evening – in its little cardboard box.

Needless to say, when we went down to the garage to pop it into the cage at about 10 pm….all that was left on the back seat of the car was one EMPTY, chewed cardboard box!!!!

I bet that if I told you that we still haven’t recovered the dratted creature, you probably wouldn’t believe me, but it is the truth… cute and cuddly hamster is still roaming around (probably nesting and/or chewing its way through various electronic cables) SOMEwhere in my husband’s car as he travels to and from work every day!

Don’t get me wrong; there HAVE been sightings…every night as it comes out to play!

My husband dutifully makes his way down to the garage to see if perhaps tonight might be the night to catch the darned thing! One night he even had it in his hands, he dropped it into the cage that we had put out on the floor of the car (to tempt it with food and nesting material) only for it to scuttle out of one of the open entrances at the back – it obviously prefers the dashboard!

So if you happen to see a white car pulled over on the side of the N2 with a red-headed man doing a jig on the side of the road and you pull over to assist…if the said gentleman says he’s being attacked by a rogue hamster, he’s not lying…and he’s probably my husband!!

When my husband was once again dispatched to purchase the replacement hamster, he dryly muttered under his breath “At least I’ll have company on this trip”!!

Pets…you either love them or despair over them, but the things we have to do to teach our children to care about other creatures and learn some responsibility can be super challenging for us parents!

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Contributed by a mom for moms
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