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DON’T LOSE IT, LABEL IT with Just4Schools labels. We've cut away the fuss, leaving you with simple, effective labels  ... saving you time and money. Order your quality waterproof labels today!

Here's what MomsMatter moms have to say about Just4schools labels:

"Great labels, love the ones for the pens and pencils definately a one of a kids label. They are extremely difficult to get off unlike other versions. What a great variety in the packs as well."
- Debbie

"Just wanted to let you know that I have received the most fantastic service from Ross Holmes at Just4Schools Labels... 
The other school labels are also perfect for marking all the school items.  Have not had a single problem with those coming off or fading.  Little fingers can't pull them off either which is an added bonus!"
- Claron

"Multi Purpose Vinyl Labels [are] AWESOME! Stick on nicely to lunch boxes, cooldrink bottles, school bags. Very useful and don’t come off the lunch boxes when they are washed. Overall I was impressed with the neatness of the labels; it gives everything a neat and uniform look."

"Just4School Labels are good quality, no fuss labels.  I particularly like the book labels and the multi-purpose labels. The starter pack is excellent value for money – I did a lot of comparisons and for what you get, this is an excellent product!  I will definitely use Just4School labels in the future!"
- Jennifer

Effective, plain and simple... saving you time and money
Effective, plain and simple... saving you time and money

We've found MomsMatter moms to receive and review a Starter pack of labels from Labels Just4schools.