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National Geographic Kids is a multi-topic magazine covering nature, animals, science, current events, entertainment and cultures from around the world. There is something for everyone!

The dynamic picture-driven design has made NG KIDS a firm favourite with kids aged 6-14. Subscribe and get your magazine delivered free to your door every month!

***NG Kids is now available on newsstands (retailing at R23.95) at Spar, CNA and Exclusive Books only.

Here are some comments from MomsMatter moms...

"Just a short note to say that the my son thoroughly enjoyed the kids national geographic. He enjoyed the pictures, colours, interesting reading and games. He would definitely enjoy me getting a monthly subscription or something similar where he can have access to all that 'awesome' stuff!"
- Cindy

"My son loved the fun facts, the little bits of information and the beautiful pictures...What I liked about the magazine is that the subject matter was presented in a way that makes children want to pick it up and read it. The content was well laid out and the presentation, in the form of the colours used, and even the quality of the paper - made the magazine attractive."
- Vanessa full review

"National Geographic for kids is great my 3 year old son loved BOTH mags and my older daughter (11) enjoyed the kids mag and had a great time paging through the smaller one with her brother. A real winner."
- Caroline

"My nine year old daughter regales us in the car on the way to school with different facts that she has learnt through reading National Geographic Kids. She tells us things and when we ask how she knows that, her reply is often “I read it in my magazine”.
If a magazine is formatted in a way where the children retain the information they read, then that’s a big draw-card for me. There is also usually some type of information or article on what we can do to look after our planet – something that needs to be reiterated as often as possible.
- Olivia full review

"The edition we received was the one with the dolphin on the front. That fitted in very well with the holiday to Moboyti (Eastern Cape) we were about to go on as we were staying in a cottage on the beach and got to see dolphins almost every day!
[My son] read the magazine over and over again - he throughly enjoyed it and it was very easy for us to go through the magazine together without him losing interest in it. 
I already subscribe to National Geographic myself and will now add the National Geographic Kids to our subscription list for him as well."
- Laura

"Thank you NG Kids for your lovely magazine, my 9 years old daugther read it from cover to cover and then asked me when the next one was coming! She loved the activities in the magazine, as well as all the interesting information."
- Elizabeth

"This magazine, besides being pleasing on the eye, is so diverse in content.  One would expect to read about animals and the environment only, but what a surprise awaits the reader.  There were stuff about movies, school and lots of interesting tid bits for kids, like jokes.  This makes for wonderful school project ideas and the pictures are truly what one would expect from National Geographic, absolutely stunning, it really takes you 'in' to the magazine. 
A true investment for any parent.(who, like me, enjoyed reading it as well!)"
- Yasmeen

"I used my 11 year old to have a look and read the kids magazine - which she found interesting and very enlightening.  ...all in all the magazine for the older kids I also found very interesting for myself as well - Great Mag :)
- Liz