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Everything you need to help your preschooler become a bright, curious explorer can be found in the pages of NG Little Kids. Captivating animal stories develop pre-reading and reading skills as well answer questions about kids' favourite creatures.

Features about different cultures bring the world to your child and inspire a sense of understanding. Interactive experiments introduce simple science, and fun puzzles and games teach logic, counting, and so much more.

View a sample activity from a previous magazine (pdf)

Here's what MomsMatter moms of 3-6 year olds have to say...
"I think the information is very informative and as a parent you can take a lot from this magazine and it even gave me other ideas of ways to stimulate my daughter. The photos used are BRILLIANT and it helps the little ones identify which type of animal it is!"
- Mignonne

"Both mags were awesome, I have a 3 year old son and an 11 year old daughter and they sat for over an hour looking at them together my little girl loves reading and gets a kick out of reading to Luke and the bright colourful pictures in National Geographic for Kids (& little Kids) really caught his eye. We get to reread them most evenings now for story time, lucky us! Would definately recomend. Thanks for choosing me"
- Caroline

"The National Geographic Little Kids magazine is fantastic!  My son is in Grade R (turning 6 in June) and we’re starting with homework this year – which is quite daunting for him.  The magazine is fantastic because it’s doing “brain work” without him even noticing!  It’s fun and colourful and a lovely little magazine especially for them!"
- Tiffany

"NG little kids is such a excellent magazine for the little ones. My two daugthers (4 & 3) both loved all the different activities that where fun to do and easy to understand. Even the smaller size for this magazine adds to it's appeal for the little ones. I will be subscribing to this magazine for them without a doubt."
- Elizabeth

"My son just loves it and flips through it all the time, strangel;y the mag had an article on elephants and my son loved it, i must have read it to him at least a hundred times.
it is a fantastic idea and really helps children, even taught me a few things as well."
- Leena

"I found the National Geographic for Little Kids to be a lovely little mag with a nice variety of content."
- Deborah K

" review [with] my neighbours child who has cerebral palsy ... with no real reading to do the pictures told the story for him,  although he is 6 with a mind of a 2 year old. [He] got over excited about all the animals & kept repeating them trying to count which touched my heart as he loves animals and does try to say their names - I even have plastic toy animals which we have used to help him. 
Thank you this magazine just does the trick for the age group.  I have not seen them in the shops , maybe I have not looked very hard, but his mom has said she wants to subscribe for this one.'
- Liz