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"I’ve been giving the pleasure of testing out the TLC products. I received a few bottles of shampoo and they all smell heavenly my favourite is the Strawberry and banana (smells good enough to eat) my little girl’s favourite is Sweet Mellon and Kiwi. We’ve been using the 2 in 1 and it makes a wonderful lather and leaves my little girls hair knot free, shiny and not to mention smelling delish. I’ll totally recommend it to all my friends with little ones! Thanks TLC!!"
- Felicity

"The products are a god send! My three and half year old hated to wash his hands after playing but now wants to wash his hands every five minutes because he loves the smell of the hand wash, I especially love the wipes because they are soft and gentle and feel like a hand towel and smell really great. The nasal wipes are really fantastic because my baby has a chronic chest problem and so his nose always gets stuffed up but the wipes really help to keep it clean and clears up his nose so that he can breathe.
Bath time has become a pleasure and my boy loves looking like his dad, the gel makes him feel all grown up and is gentle and smells fantastic.
I love all the products to bits and will definitely be stocking up on more during the holidays."
- Leena
Adcock Ingram’s TLC Kids Range, cares for your family conveniently, with good clean fun. Vitamin enriched TLC Kids Bath and Body products for soft hair and healthy skin everyday!
The TLC Kids range has exciting products specially formulated for kids, whether they’re just having fun in the bath or just being cool. The products are perfect for children’s sensitive skin and gentle hair. All products in the range use enriched natural ingredients to ensure Kids skin stays smooth and healthy and their hair soft, shiny, well nourished  and easy to comb. 

Stocked at all major retailers nationwide.