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WMS: The Nanny Notebook

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"[The Nanny Notebook it]...not only very pretty to look at, but very useful too.
I think every working mom needs one of these! It’s such a great way to keep up to date with Nanny, detailing every minute of your little one’s life when you aren't around to take note. Whether you want to check how baby slept, to what he/she ate that day, or even to keep track of how long he/she's been feeling ill for, the Nanny Notebooks the perfect solution.
It makes a wonderful Baby Shower present. I love it!"
- Belinda

The Nanny Notebook is a great concept and will help you to keep all of baby’s critical information together in one safe place. The format of the book allows baby’s carer to quickly find and easily understand the information about baby’s routine or medical needs.
I’ve found as a new mom is that it’s hard enough to remember what day of the week it is, let alone all the information you need to tell granny or the nanny about baby's needs and feeds. It is so simple as it is all written in the notebook. An added benefit is that it also helps you to remember when last you fed etc, which can become a bit of a blur after countless sleepless nights.

The notebook will also make for a memorable keepsake of baby’s early days when completed. It is well presented and laid out, easy to complete and understand for other users. It’s good value for money and I'd definitley recommend it, in fact I’ve already purchased another copy for a gift.
- Gina

As I looked ... I thought it was a stunning idea.
It covers all the questions mothers would ask the nannies down to how many dirty nappies etc your child has had and what they have eaten and how long they have slept. It has a place where nannies can say what has run out and what should be bought in terms of groceries! You can leave specific instructions on how you prepare your little ones food and at what times they generally eat etc.
What is nice is that this is all bound in one book and you can leave it on the kitchen table for which ever babysitter you get and all the necesary info will be at hand. I was most impressed about was that there is a place for mommy to write all the important contact numbers down... including hospital preference, ambulance contact number and POISON center number! I wouldn't have even thought of this. 
But the book's number 1 selling point MUST be the first aid section at the back... for those who have done the course or those that never have, this section has such clear diagrams and instructions that anyone could follow it! Thanks to this little book I now know what to stock in a complete first aid kit! 
I think it can be an asset to any household... I will show all my mom friends the book as I think this is a very handy book. Instead of them having to remember all your instructions, it's all neatly bound in one relatively small book!"
- Mignonne

The Nanny Notebook
is a new parenting product that provides moms with a great way of communicating with the person caring for their baby, as well as ensuring that all the essential emergency contact info, first aid instructions and routine schedules are on hand at all times. Using The Nanny Notebook ensures that Moms don't Miss a Moment!  

The Nanny Notebook has been wrapped up in a beautiful, fun, easy to use format that makes it a pleasure to complete, use and treasure in future years!

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