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WMS: Polished Body Spa

Polished Body Spa is a boutique spa for nails, face and body; using only the finest products to provide luxurious signature treatments. Situated in the heart of a bustling seaside village, Umhlanga Rocks, we offer refuge; a sanctuary where guests can sink into the comfort of our beautiful environment and hand themselves over to our professionally trained staff. Our facilities enable us to provide you with every comfort, and complimentary refreshments are customary.

"It was a fantastic experience and I was treated like a queen. Being pampered is not high on a mom's priority list, as running after the rascals when at home and slaving through the hours at work, leaves little time for such a splendid treat. 
...Choosing a colour to put on my toenails took a while, as they have a HUGE selection of colours to choose from. The nail polish they used is of outstanding quality, as it did not chip or fade for weeks after the pedicure. I walked out feeling like a Sandton kugel, toes all shiny, feet all pampered, soft and silky, stress levels diminished to a mere drop in the bucket!"
- Mariska (full review)

"I was absolutely elated to find out that I was one of the moms selected to review this Spa. Situated in Chartwell Drive, Umhlanga, the seaside view, & gorgeous weather added to the lovely ambience of the Spa.
...We work so hard & then go home to job number 1 being a parent & running the household.  I love being a mom but being a single mom sometimes with the pressure from work etc…I just need that time out & that’s what The Polish Body Spa provided me with, a chance to rejuvenate & face this week with a swagger in my step"
-Junett (full review)

"I must say that there cannot possibly be any better way to start a day than with a Spa Pedicure at Polished Body Spa. The treatment is 75 minutes long and worth every last cent!
...This is a place that has truly refined the art of pampering and really understands moms of all descriptions: mums to be, brand new mums, frightfully busy mums, not so busy mums and mums trying to wrench their bodies from the dark forces of gravity and age. (There is even Boot Camp for all 3 saggy regions!) They have gone one step further and also offer mother & daughter / father & daughter packages, catering to the likes of little girls and teens while meeting the needs of moms and dads!
-Julia (full review)

We endeavour to make top-to-toe grooming a sensory experience in every way, leaving you buffed and polished!