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East Coast Tables is the hottest new cookbook of the season showcasing specialities, flavours, family recipes and kitchen secrets from the East Coast. It has it all: sizzling flavours and aromatic scents, ingredients straight from the farm or the sea, and fabulous photographs of food, people and places, all from the best cooks on the coast.
The book has been published by East Coast Radio, and backed by the station’s partners.  It is available at Exclusive Books Nationwide and the recommended Retail Price is R290.

"How do you review a book like this in one paragraph? As a Mum of 3 under 4 years,  I don’t often get the chance to read, but I literally put the one book club book down, (that I’ve managed to read this year), which I was at the point of no return on, to devour every single word in this cook book!   So forgive me, this is going to be a bit longer than a paragraph to do it justice.  
Having been educated in Natal, EAST COAST tables is littered with, (apart from the obvious famous names), not-so famous names that I recognise, people like Cindy from Umhlali who’s curries & atchars often grace my brother’s in-law’s table, to the Botanic Garden tearoom which is close to my heart.  My parents had their wedding photos taken there in 1970 (before swanning off to the Oyster Box for their wedding reception) & as a student (15 years ago), I spent many ‘study breaks’ there, eating the very crumpets of which they speak.  Let’s not mention the Salt Rock Hotel... I have to agree with Devi, EAST COAST tables, brings back memories & tugs on my heart strings, now that I live in the Eastern Cape.  This book should be used to lure the expats home.
The chapters are written by ingredient (which makes referencing without referring to the index, so easy) & are full of interesting information on each e.g. tenderising meat with pineapple flesh & with pawpaw.  The fresh photography captures the tropical feel of the province & the casual flow of the recipes, particularly the ‘other idea’ section, makes one feel as if you can hear the voices of  contributors sharing their ideas with a passion that only food lovers know.  The seafood section is of particular interest to me as I trained as a chef in Ireland at the Ballymaloe Cookery School & I don’t know the local fish well enough & haven’t been able to find a cookbook in this lies the opportunity to create a cookbook for each part of our coast line, particulary since we are all trying to use local ingredients....I’d put my hand up to contribute to a ‘Sunshine Coast’ book.....for the geography handicapped Natalians, that will be the Eastern Cape, (South of you guys).
I particularly like the ‘East Coast People’ & Sponsor section that introduces some of the contributors & sponsors & tells their story.  This book reads like a novel.  Be sure not to miss a word.
I read a review in a food magazine that said ‘if you are keen on KZN then this book is for you...’ I beg to differ....I believe that ALL ‘foodie’ South Africans should have a copy of this book in their kitchen.  At long last, we have a cookbook that celebrates the diversity of the people, (let alone the ingredients) of our country.  A book that tourists can take home as a souvenir.  I know what I am giving our Scottish visitors for Christmas....
P.S.  I’m making the Carrot Soup with Curry Leaf Ice-Cream as a starter for my book club Christmas to follow."
- Sally

"Being a thoroughbred Durbanite, quite comfortable in the kitchen and somewhat of a cookbook geek, I was very excited to get my hands on a copy of East Coast Tables. With a focus on locally grown ingredients such as bananas, pawpaws, avocados, mielies and nuts, East Coast Tables offers easy to prepare, everyday recipes.
Not a recipe book that will gather dust in your collection, but rather one you will use daily depending on what local produce is in season. This is authentic KZN food – many of the recipes transported me back to my own childhood in Durban. I can’t wait to try the Fettucini with Amakhowe and the Pineapple Crumble.
I was surprised to find quite a few recipes that could turn out to be family favourites, especially the sweet fruity ones! I have already thought of 5 people who I could give this book to as a gift, especially Durbanites now living overseas. "
- Tracy Ellis

...they flourish in our warm ocean and along our golden beaches; they grow luxuriantly in our rich red soils and sub-tropical summer rain; they’re the local ingredients in KZN’s remarkable masala of flavours and cultures and food traditions; they’re used differently and traditionally in dishes from every community living along the coast; they’re the fresh, seasonal inspiration for home cooks and star chefs... They’re the taste of KZN!

East Coast Tables

The book has been published by East Coast Radio, and backed by the station’s partners.  It is available at Exclusive Books Nationwide and the recommended Retail Price is R290.