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Tots n’ Pots is a programme to introduce children to the basic principles of cooking and nutrition. The main aim of this is to encourage an awareness of food & healthy eating by having fun in the kitchen. The workshops allow your child to be creative whilst having fun… and the best part… you can leave the mess to us!

Tots n Pots birthday parties are very popular and baking is a great way to keep the kiddies entertained!
"Sheer excitement grew amongst the little girls as the afternoon of our ‘cooking party’ drew closer....

Hawa who runs the branch in Ridge Road was ready and waiting for us. Her home most inviting indeed. We walked into the ‘cooking room’ and I felt like Alice in Wonderland that had fallen down the rabbits hole and drank shrinking potion – everything was so tiny for the little hands that are encouraged to learn to cook. Everything was perfect.

The girls were encouraged to wash their hands in the tiny basin of soapy water in the corner of the room and then each given a bakers hat and apron – of course all tiny for their little bodies.

The kids took their places that had their names in their places each with their own little bowls/little grater/little spatula each and each had measured out ingredients ready in tiny bowls. Colourful and bright, the room was warm and inviting. The atmosphere relaxing and exciting. Hawa is a wonderful lady that oozes patience/warmth and kindness, the girls loved her.

For the older girls the recipe they were about to cook was written out on a board in bright colours, we were going to make CHEESE SCONES. The method written down in point form so the older girls could follow up along, otherwise Hawa explained to the little girls what to do next.  They each followed eagerly and asking Hawa for assistance who was always there to help. For the littlier girls parents are encourage to come along as they do need assistance especially with grating and cutting.

Colours were used to mark the girls scone section in the banking pan,they spooned their mixture into the little cupcake holders that were laid out for them and Hawa and her helpers put them into the oven to cook. Whilst they were cooking Hawa had already baked some cupcakes and allowed the girls to decorate the cupcakes, what fun they had,each given scoop of blue and/or pink icing, smarties, jelly tots, hundreds and thousands  and some chocolate vermicelli. Everything went onto the cupcakes and the girls were so proud of themselves.

The girls got to wash their hands in the ‘little’ basin of soapy water  in the corner and tidy up their stations. We were then taken through to the dining room where a beautiful tea party awaited us, juice/tea/coffee and savoury/sweet eats were given to us while the mom’s relaxed and kids played with the toys provided by Hawa and decorated their very own boxes to take their treats home in. stickers/glue and paper and the kids had a ball decorating their boxes.
Sadly the time came when we had to go home, each child was given the recipe printed out in colour/a sweet treat and a balloon before leaving. They were so very excited and didn’t want to leave but were encouraged to return.

Hawa does run cooking classes for various ages as well as offering cooking parties. Her venue is extremely inviting/warm and child friendly and I would recommend parents to take their kids along and give it a try – it is worth the experience for both moms and child."

- Hayley

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