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FLO Saline
FLO Saline+Plus naturally relieves nasal congestion and is safe for use by pregnant mothers.  

FLO Baby Saline+ clears baby’s congested nose quickly and gently, non-medicated, preservative free, does not sting and burn, sprays at an angle and is safe for baby.  

FLO products are superior nasal sprays from Australia and are available throughout South Africa at Dis-Chem, Clicks and other Pharmacies. 

"Currently i am about 27weekspregnant and I have been suffering from hayfever forever. The only thing that use to work for me was antihistamines and pain killers,but made me quite drowsy; and that's not a good feeleing if the weather is so beautiful and you're not feeling it.
THANK YOU for this amazing product. It could have not come on a better time. Cape Town's weather is absolutely beautiful this time of the year, but it also targets us with allergies. When my hayfever starts, my nose gets blocked, my eyes start itching and because im not able to breathe properly i also get terrible headaches;and since I'm pregnant I am not allowed to use antihistamines, which made life quite miserable for me until about a week or two ago.
This product is very useful to me. I now dont have to use antihistamines (which makes me drowsy). I don't have a blocked nose and therefore I no longer get those headaches."
- Ibtieshaam

"My family have been using the product with FANTASTIC RESULTS.  I have a 16 year old son who suffers from hayfever terribly this time of year. Every morning upon waking he normally sneezes non stop all the way to school. Since using Flo Nasal Spray it stops his sneezing in its tracks and has now also almost eliminated these outbursts. I AM ABSOLUTELY THRILLED.
My youngest is 3 years old and often upon waking complains of a blocked nose. Since using Flo that has put that to rest - No more blocked noses and therefore no more complaining. Thank You for such a wonderful product that will now always be a part of our family. "
- Cheryl

"As a mom I'm always worried about block stuffy noses and with Cape Town's weather that often what happens. I have tried Flo nasal spray and saline with both my babies and it works wonderfully clearing congestion in their noses so quick and easy.I used other nasal sprays before and must say this has worked quicker than the others.
What I like best about it is that it has no preservatives,medication and chemicles which very many other products do have. My girls normally wriggle around when I use nasal sprays on them which makes it very tough to get it in the nose but with Flo I didnt have any problems because you ca use it at any angle.
I would recommend all moms to keep it on hand as its been a really great lifesaver for my girls. Thanks MomMatter for allowing me to review this product
It's something Im going to make sure every friend of mine gets for their babies and toddlers."

"I highly recommend the “FLO” Saline Spray for babies. I have used medicated sprays in the past which were prescribed from the doctor to stop a nasal drip which never worked and as always ended up as a chest couch and a very unhappy baby and mom. 
My son once again started with a runny nose this week, so I started to use the “Flo” Saline Spray you sent me and what a difference it makes. As of today my son doesn’t have a runny nose and is a happy little boy. 
This product is definitely something each mom should have in their cupboard. Thank you for introducing this product to me."