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Froggie has launched an exciting new Season Summer 2010 range! Visit your local Froggie store or to see the new styles.

This is what REAL moms have to say about Froggie shoes:

"I love, love, love my Froggie shoes! Everybody who knows me knows I don’t like wearing shoes. I kick my shoes off the first opportunity I have. With my Froggie shoes I can walk all day with my shoes on, because they are so comfortable. I bought myself another pair of Froggie shoes. It is in my opinion the best shoe design ever, because they are just so comfortable. To top it all, they are also pretty!"
- Elsa

"The Froggie wedges are comfortable enough for all day wear.  The soft padding beneath my feet are unobtrusive and yet I feel like I’m walking on air.  The leather is breathable and even in the hottest and most frenetic days of the festive season, I was cool as a cucumber.
It helped tremendously that I received many admiring glances from across the Christmas buffet  and more than one query about whether they are indeed worth all the ‘hype’ – to which my answer was an emphatic ‘you-bet-ya’!
I am going to invest in new Froggie school shoes for my kids this year, as I am now convinced that Froggie do make some of the most comfortable, practical and attractive shoes on the market." ...more

"I loved the new shoes so much yesterday am wearing them again today and they have survived everything from repairing the broken automated gate to unblocking a loo – just in case I thought I was getting too glamourous.
I wore my new Froggies today to a school Prize-Giving! As I was placed in the front row, felt very swish flashing my spanking new heels!"
- Morag 

"When it comes to shoes, comfort is of utmost importance. The reality is that it is not always easy to find that 'perfect pair' of comfortable shoes. Well I finally have, and have literally not taken them off since I got them, other than to sleep of course!
Froggie seem to have got it right in that women no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort. This I found when I popped into Froggie in La Lucia to have a look at the selection and try a few pairs on. I finally narrowed my choice down to a gorgeous pair of summer sandals that I can wear with almost everything….. even my pj’s and they feel just as good as my slippers. The non slip base is also great as I have a baby stuck to my hip half the day so feel a lot safer walking up and down my stairs.
Once again a big thank you, they are an absolute pleasure to wear and I have already had 2 people ask where I got them from!!!"
- Wendy

"My Froggie shoes are just fabulous. On the first day I had them - even while wearing only one, they made me smarter! I reached into my long ago German skills and helped a friend order a toy for a child via the German Toys R Us internet site. Brilliant! What could I do while wearing two of them?
Turns out I could run a successful birthday party for my 4 year old - no slipping on the wet concrete caused by food and drink spills and jet away on one of the most amazing holidays I have ever had (Thailand, Koh Samui let me know if you want to go I'll send you the links).  Those Froggy shoes kept me comfy and stylish through my 30 + hours of flight and transit time - not a squashed toe, smelly foot or swollen ankle to be seen.  Additionally I had 'the' question from my Hong Kong fashionista friends - Where did you get your shoes? Can't ask for more than that."
- Nicky M

"Most of the moms on MomsMatter know that I love to wear 'comfortable shoes' at the expense of looking 'jooosch'. With Froggie I have finally discovered the perfect blend of shoes which are beautiful AND comfortable. I spend a lot of time chasing kids . Now I can catch them AND wear gorgeous shoes!"
- Deborah A

"I love my Indigo Mules!  Now I choose my outfits – work and weekend, around my new shoes!  Even the pink slippers have been tossed to the back of my cupboard.
The new shoes are by far the most comfortable shoes I have worn plus they have a small heel – which I never usually wear as I am 5ft 11 – and yet they are still so comfortable. In addition, they hide my ugly toes and big feet but at the same time look stylish.
I have received numerous compliments on them and have even instructed my mom and sister to get a pair … URGENTLY!"
- Nicky M

"I absolutely love my Froggies shoes for their comfort. With being on my feet all day at work, I have learnt the hard way how important good shoes are!
I love my Froggies and truly recommend to anyone who spends alot of time on their feet, to have their shoes fitted at Froggie."
- Veronica I

"I got my first pair of Froggie shoes recently and they certainly live up to their reputation. When I think of the amount of money that I have spent on uncomfortable shoes which fall apart after such a short time, Froggie seems to me to be a great investment for my shoes in the future."
- Mel M

(None of these moms were paid for these reviews. They received product to test from the What Moms Say feature on