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Special Offers get more exposure on MomsMatter!

Special offer FOR YOUIf your business recognises that Moms really do Matter when it comes to consumer power, then you'll jump at the opportunity for INCREASED EXPOSURE AT NO CHARGE on the MomsMatter website!

Over 32,000 unique visitors* were recorded to the MomsMatter website during this past month, so if your business is offering a 'something special' for the moms, we would love to share that with more Moms who Matter! 

SHARE YOUR SPECIAL OFFER by promoting your Special Offers on MomsMatter and you can attract more attention from the powerful consumer group... Moms!  So let us know about a discount, gift-with-purchase or another value-added offer, and your business can:

  • Get more exposure for your business (over 32,000 visitors browsed the site last month*),
  • Demonstrate that you offer great value products/services, 
  • Reward your current customers with savings/added value,
  • Encourage loyalty by making moms feel special,
  • Introduce and attract new customers to your business!
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What does it COST to feature your Special Offers on the MomsMatter website?

  • Nothing, nudda, zippo, free, no charge ... As part of our commitment to provide comprehensive resources to moms, there is no charge to those businesses who offer specials to our moms! Many other directories may charge you to list on their directory and only then allow you to promote your Special Offers ... but MomsMatter is unique in that we we offer both at no charge to you.

What will YOUR BUSINESS get out of featuring Special Offers on the MomsMatter website?

  • Obviously, MomsMatter hope that you will get more support for your business from the moms, resulting in MORE SALES FOR YOU!
  • By demonstrating tangible savings to the moms, you are able to create the perception of value. More moms may be enticed to visit your listing to learn more about your business - leading to NEW CUSTOMERS FOR YOU!
Why do major (and SUCCESSFUL) companies promote Special Offers?
  • If the mom WANTS to purchase the Special Offer product/service:

The moms who are interested in the promoted product will purchase the product/service, leading to IMMEDIATE SALES for your business.

Because of the perceived extra value they receive, research tells us that consumers are inclined to SPEND MORE MONEY on additional products/services from the same business. The tangible saving on the discounted product gives the consumer more confidence to spend more at the same business.

How many times have you walked into a store to buy a product on special, and walked out with 'a few more' items? The "Special Offer" is what enticed you into the store, the rest of the spending was your doing!

  • If the consumer DOES NOT want that particular product/service at that time:

Everyone is a potential client - It's all about getting exposure for when they want to purchase your product/service! So even if a mom does not act on the offer immediately, your business has already benefitted simply from MORE EXPOSURE TO MORE CONSUMERS.

And if your Special Offer is attractive enough, this may INTRODUCE A NEW CUSTOMER to view further information on your other products/services. Your Special Offer has already successfully created the impression of a business that offers ADDED VALUE, offering the mom an opportunity to save on future purchases.

A long-term effect of a great Special Offer is that the mom is MORE LIKELY TO REMEMBER YOU when she does want to purchase similar products in the future. Although a direct sale may not result at the time of your Special Offer, the extra exposure created is invaluable, and will potentially lead to NEW CUSTOMERS.

Makro birthday promotion

The recent Makro campaign for their "Birthday Celebration" is a example of an extremely successful company who place a lot of value on the importance of Special Offers and promotions.

Pull-out inserts and advertising catalogues for Makro featured many items at less than cost price during their birthday celebrations. And judging by the size of the queues last weekend, the result of this promotion was a definite success!

By creating the perception of great value that could be tangibly measured, Makro demonstrated to the consumers:

  • that they have great products at incredible value,
  • that they reward their consumers with great savings on popular products, and
  • enticed brand new consumers who perhaps did not currently shop with them.
My husband and I were among the thousands that braved the crowd to take advantage of an incredible saving on BounceKing trampolines.... needless to say, we ended up with a few more items in our trolley at the till!

* Google Analytics recorded 32,349 absolute unique visits to in one month period... and each time was an opportunity for moms to see your business!