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Durban's East Coast Radio DJ, Jane Linley-Thomas, and her husband Mike recently became first-time parents to Cooper. With her unique zest for life and effervescent style, join Jane on her adventures as a mom!

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White Cotton Dress
Posted on 28 July 2011
I, like Cooper, have now got clothes I wear at home and a whole other wardrobe suitable for the outside world. Coop spends his time at home in stained tracksuit pants with a hoody  ...
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Straw Boy
Posted on 14 July 2011
I can't believe that in less than a month my baby boy will already be one whole year old. Oh my word it seems like yesterday that he was a tiny little bundle not doing more then eating  ...
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The Luckiest Girl Alive
Posted on 6 July 2011
I write this blog having never been happier. I am in the new cycle of having my evenings back after 5 years of night radio. A change I am so blessed to have been given. I am the new host of ...
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Father's Day
Posted on 20 June 2011
This past Sunday Mike celebrated his first Fathers Day. After my hand painted canvas courtesy of Cooper (and a little help from Dad) for Mother's Day, the pressure was seriously on ...
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Girls vs Boys
Posted on 17 June 2011
Not so long ago friends from Cape Town popped in for a visit with their little angel Ava. Hours were spent with her happily playing with her doll and slowly eating a bowl of grapes. Yes it is true ...
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Coops first Comrades
Posted on 30 May 2011
A happy start to another adventure filled week. I trust you are happy and well. So this past Sunday the road from Durban to PMB was packed with enthusiastic runners all vying for a place on the finish line before...
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Two Thumbs Up!
Posted on 23 May 2011
I wish I could start by congratulating the Sharks on a great whipping of the Bulls but instead I will focus my attention onto something more positive...
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The land of no
Posted on 16 May 2011
I hope you are happy and well and enjoying another short week. Yesterday we took Coop to the pet store at The Crescent to have his weekly dose of all things cute and small...
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Sacred gathering
Posted on 12 May 2011
This past weekend was truly one of the most special and sacred gatherings that I will store deep down in the treasure cove of my mind. It was the first time since both my sister and I...
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Proud as punch
Posted on 3 May 2011
With all the public holidays about I hope you savoured all the precious family time. Me and my boys spent from Friday night until Monday morning locked away to revel in each others company. The only time we left the house was for ... 
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The detox continues
Posted on 26 April 2011
I hope the Easter bunny treated you well. Speaking of which, being in the midst of a serious detox, my doors were locked to keep out any furry arrivals bearing sweet treats. That of course didn't stop grandparents and godparents spoiling...
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Clay and husk
Posted on 19 April 2011
How deelish was the rain over the week end. I did next to nothing other then snuggling in my pj's next to 3 cute gingers. Today is day six of my detox and with my first work out and colonic irrigation under my belt...
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Sushi and legumes
Posted on 14 April 2011
As always I hope this email finds you happy and well. Before I go any further I must apologise to Sushi our Siamese fighter fish. When rattling off the joys of suburban life complete with a bouncy teething baby...
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Kittens, cousins and a health scare
Posted on 7 April 2011
So sorry for the silence of my behalf. Sho! things have been pretty hectic and we have hit the road running this year. In a brief overview since we last connected...
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Fighting the mozzies
In less then 2 weeks I am going to be an aunt. I am so excited and these last few days so takes me back to when I was so close to having my own little wonder. Can you believe he is 7 months already...
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A Baby Shower
This past week end I did one of my all time  favourite things to do... I threw a party. A very special party. It was my sister's baby shower. Yip, next month I am going be an aunty. How divine that Cooper has a cousin...

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February already?
Can you believe it is already February! It has been a somewhat rocky start to the year. What with the extensive flooding, Madiba not being well, rioting and unrest... sho! too much drama already. On the home front  Cooper has became a fully ...
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12 Days of Christmas ideas
Can you believe that in a few weeks, we will be drunk on Christmas cheer... and maybe a glass of wine or two! I thought I would do is help you out over the next couple of days with some cool and quirky stocking filler ideas...
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Cooper is a Toptot
I know it has been an absolute age since I last blogged but sho hey! this mom thing is a full time job! What with balancing work, gym just life in general and baby. I wouldn't swop ...
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At home with new mom, Jane Linley-Thomas
East Coast Radio’s Jane Linley-Thomas has won the hearts of many Durbanites with her vibrant radio personality. She recently gave birth to her first child, Cooper and invited ...
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Review: CherubSA reusable adjustable fabric nappy
Before Cooper was born I had decided that I was going cotton nappies all the way. Disposable nappies are SO bad for our planet. When Cooper is a Grandpa his nappies...
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Cooper loves a Massage
Cooper just loves his massage time and it is such a quality bonding opportunity for us. There is so much good that comes out of touch - both emotionally ...
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Review: The Blue Box
Being a new mom I am more then ever on the hunt for holistic and homeopathic treatments for my little boy where ever possible so you can imagine ...
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Goodbye to Red & Burny Boobs
It is with a sad, yet glad heart that I confess to having hung up my breastfeeding gloves :( I know, I know, I know.... I did  it for 4 weeks - so little...
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A Mother's Love
Cooper celebrates his 3rd week in the world today and how different my life is. OMG!
I cant imagine my life without him and to be honest I hardly...
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Welcome Cooper
Cooper Jet Thomas was born 3/08/2010 at Parklands Hospital by c-section to the sounds of Bob Marley at 8.15am. Mom and Dad are...
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Change of Plans
Wow... words are few and far between. I have just got back from the gynae and I have been booked into have a C Section this Tuesday morning the 3rd August at 8am. Cooper was 3.8kgs on Wednesday and ...
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Hospital bag packed? CHECK!
27 days and counting to reach full term... I awoke to one of the most heart-warming pictures ever last week. The washing line was full of freshly white newborn socks and baby grows. I was in tears taking pictures on my cell phone...
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Bloomin' Lovely
ECR’s Jane Linley-Thomas is about to become a mother... and is one of the happiest women on the planet. Peta Lee [The Ridge magazine] spoke to the soon-to-be proud parents and found their excitement contagious...
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Pregnancy Treatments = Bliss!
32 weeks in and 8 to go until I reach full term and become a mom. I can't wait!As you know, or can imagine, my body has changed somewhat now being a human hatching house. Life as I knew it before is no longer...
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Spoilt by Poulsen Robertson
It is rare these days to come into contact with someone who opens their heart and just wants to give with no strings attached. Yesterday afternoon I received an email from the lovely Don Wright from Poulsen Robertson Jewellers in Umhlanga Ridge...
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Be sure to Carriwell
This past Sunday the love bump celebrated its 30th week in the wombworld. Just 10 weeks to go to reach full term. EEEEEEKKK SO EXCITING!  It feels so close but at the same time soooooo far. Every mom I come across says the same thing "its going to get worse before it gets better" thanx for that ...
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Cooper Love (aka When We Found Out We Were Pregnant)
I must start by apologising for my disappearance on the blog front. I know I have been as silent as the night what with pregnant stew brain and the likes there of. Firstly before I embark on my journey thus far thank you so much for all your love and support, you really are like family to me...
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