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10 Reasons to Love South Africa

South Africa, a world in one country, with spectacular landscapes, natural beauty and a wide variety of sightseeing. We also have the second highest water fall in the world, the world’s biggest man-made urban forest, the world’s biggest green canyon ...and so much more.

South Africa has the oldest game reserve in Africa (Hluhluwe), on Table Mountain there are more plant species than the UK or New Zealand. At iSimangaliso you can view the biggest land mammal (elephant) , the oldest land mammal (rhino), the biggest sea mammal (blue whale), the oldest fish (coelacanth) and the most dangerous mammal (Hippo) all in the same reserve on the same day.  All this and we have only mentioned three of the many, many reserves.

The annual revenue generated by the tourism industry has now overtaken that of the gold industry.   South Africa has won world awards in almost every category from various international organisations and readers including: world’s best hotel, world’s best game reserve, world’s favourite city, world’s best hotel, worlds most outstanding golf destination, world’s leading luxury train, world’s best family beach  .... and so much more. 

South Africa has an abundance of mineral wealth.  When comparing the world reserves South Africa is ranked #1 for the following: platinum (88% of world reserves), manganese (80%) Chrome (72%) Gold (40%) and Vanadium (32%).  This translates to future economic potential and wealth for the country.

We have world class engineering and scientific technology.  We have the world’s largest (and only) producer of liquid fuel from coal, the deepest mine in the world and the most commercialised nuclear reactor in the world. The third largest telescope in the world can be found in Sunderland.

The countrys economic policies protected us from the global economic meltdown and meant that South Africa felt the impact significantly less than other countries.  A recent survey by The Economist in the UK revealed that South Africa was the best performing housing market over the longer-term in the world.

In South Africa you have a higher earning potential and significantly more opportunities for growth and development.  According to the ‘Hay Group’s World Pay Report’ which measures average disposable income, South African managers are amongst the top earners in the world – ahead of New Zealand, Canada, France, Denmark, Sweden and the UK.   A recent survey of travel destinations revealed that South Africa was the cheapest city in the world to have beer, a coke or a meal for two...even with the wine.

Not only do we have the number one ranked rugby and cricket side in the world, but we have top sportsmen in almost every other sport including, surfing, golf, athletics, sailing and swimming.  The Comrades Marathon, the Dusi Canoe Race, the Midmar Mile and the Cape Argus are all the largest races of their kind in the world.

We are a vibrant nation, a nation with a sense of humour and a determination to succeed.  Our diversity ensures continual excitement and provides a richness to our culture and our heritage.  We have our own music styles, our own dance styles – even our own movie industry.  In fact at the 2010 Oscars we saw South Africa showcased with Charlize as a presenter, Morgan Freeman nominated in the South African story ‘Invictus’ and Johannesburg featured in District 9.

As a South African we have contributed to making history. We can tell our children we lived in the times of Nelson Mandela and witnessed the miracle of the Rainbow Nation. We still face many challenges yet, over and over again, we have shown the world how we can overcome even the most difficult of situations.  As South Africans we can each play a significant part in reaching our potential as a nation.

All this and we haven’t even mentioned the beer, the braai and the weather!

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