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Why are the Directory listings free?

... because I am passionate in my belief that Moms deserve to know about every option they have with regard to choices for themselves and their families, not just about those that can afford to advertise! 

It's that simple.

Even though websites offer businesses a lower cost alternative for advertising, I believe that as soon as any directory starts charging for listings (whatever the incredible 'introductory offer'), then they cannot possibly be genuinely comprehensive. 

After the initial 'free introductory period', charges usually begin at R60/mth, and there will always be a business who simply can't afford, or justify this cost. This means that moms miss out on knowing all their options. 

MomsMatter website will always provide FULL free listings in the Directory for businesses that I believe will help makes a mom's life easier.

Is this an introductory offer?

This is NOT an 'introductory offer'. And unlike other websites who may offer a free 'basic' listing in their directory, limiting the information until the business upgrades to a paying listing, MomsMatter provides every free listing with the "Full Monty". That's a live link to your email, website, logo, images and information about your product of service. View sample listing format.

Fact: A business must advertise to get exposure

The bottom line is that if you don't get exposure, then how can clients know about you?
... If they don't know about you, then how can they support you?
....... if you don't get any business, then how can you survive (let alone make a profit)?

But advertising can get expensive.

Most small businesses that cater for moms were started by moms (or dads) who start up with a huge passion, not a huge advertising budget. And what small business can possibly afford to advertise everywhere, in every ad medium, every month?

Moms deserve to know all their choices, not just who can afford to advertise. 

The MomsMatter Directory provides a comprehensive one-stop hub for moms, without the barriers to entry of traditional online directories. By providing free listings to those businesses who contribute to a mom and her family life, moms finally have genuine choices available to them.

Okay - there is a catch...

In return for your free listing*, I would like you to ensure that your listing is current, particularly that your contact details are accurate – Moms must be able to make contact with you easily. That's it. Really!

If you offer a product or a service that moms need to know about....Simply submit your business to the MomsMatter Directory now. No strings attached!

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 *Approval is granted at the discretion of the site administrator. MomsMatter reserves the right to disapprove listings that are not deemed to be suitable for the audience of the website, with no explanation provided.