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Vision In White - Nora Roberts

Vision In White - Nora Roberts

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Childhood friends Mackensie, Parker, Laurel and Emmeline have formed a very successful wedding planning business together but, despite helping thousands of happy couples to organise the biggest day of their lives, all four women are unlucky in love. Photographer Mackensie Elliott has suffered a tough childhood and has a bad relationship with her mother, which makes her wary of commitment. But when she meets Carter Macguire, she can't stop herself falling for him, although his ex girlfriend is prepared to play dirty to keep him. Mackensie soon realises she has to put her past demons to rest in order to find lasting love...

Rage Of Life - Dora Taylor

Rage Of Life - Dora Taylor

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Born and bred in Sophiatown, Linda Malindi is no stranger to poverty and violence. After the killing of her only brother, the jailing and disappearance of her father, and the death of her mother when she is taken in by the family of a distant cousin, she is thrown out on the streets when the cousin and his wife accuse her of soliciting the services of a witchdoctor to infect their daughter with TB. Once more homeless and alone, pregnant and abandoned by the father of the child. Suddenly she feels the onset of the birth of her child. Desperate for help, she remembers being told that Ma-jaze, the notorious hardnosed owner of Angels One, might help her in her predicament. This is a turning point for Linda. Ma-jaze befriends her but she loses the baby. She finds solace in the arms of Simon Mangana, who through necessity left his wife and child in his homeland to seek work in the City of Gold. The course of their love affair is charged with turbulence, Simon is lured back to his village, a brief sojourn that ends in sadness and disillusionment and drives him back to Sophiatown.

Review provided by Lauren :

I really enjoyed this book. It is set in Sophiatown in the 50's (I think – someone else from my bookclub has it now so can't check if I have the decade right!) and it gave such an insight into what life would have been like for the people of Sophiatown during that time. It is so well written with just the perfect combination of descriptive language and action that it painted the ‘picture' so clearly and with such ease. Sometimes writers can overdo to the descriptive writing in a book such that it makes it hard to follow the overall picture and story. This book had excellent descriptive writing while not overdoing it. Very well written. The story too was one that a lot of people could relate to even if you know nothing about Sophiatown or South Africa during those times. It has love and family and friendship throughout the story.
It was easy and enjoyable to read and left me with a deeper knowledge of something that is part of our history and even part of our culture today. Great book!

Review by Pippa:

What an amazing read. This book allowed me to get a very real insight of what day-to-day life in 1950s Sophiatown, an urban township on the outskirts of Johannesburg, was really like. The story is focused through the character of Linda Malindi, with brief interludes through the eyes of her lover, Simon Manzana. However it is the narrator of this story who is most powerful, who speaks with cruel wisdom and simple cold facts of township life in South Africa. We read about Linda at an early age, which experiences the horrific trauma her brother's murder, her father's disappearance, and mother's death. This period is followed by her years of experiencing the new challenges of life on her own, men and making a living through theft. It is this period which has been written with captivating yet vividly morbid descriptions of life in Sophiatown, and it's increasing size as people flocked from the county to find riches in the ‘city of gold'. This is a very real portrayal of a life, and one that I believe, as South African's, we should all know a little more about.

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