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Back to School Price Reccy - 2010 (update)

Wow! The response to the Back To School price comparison surprised quite a few moms (myself included). And I want to remind you that the Waltons BTS prices were compared to Shelf Prices on 6th November 2009.

The chain stores will be significantly reducing their 'normal' prices during their promotional period from mid-December. Unfortunately they are all very secretive about these prices before their big 'sales' - which doesn't help those of us who are trying to be organised before things become too hectic.

During the week, I received recommendations from moms about two independent stationery stores who offer extremely competitive prices and spectacular service. I really appreciate the emails from moms, as it is only through your input that I am able to share such valuable information with the MomsMatter community!

So for those of you in Durban who haven't made your commitment for your Back To School lists yet - it would certainly pay to give Phezulu Office Supplies and Classroom Supply Store a call and see what they can offer you.

Sticking with the two featured products from last week, here are the prices from Phezulu & Classroom School Supplies to compare further:

If you know of any other independent stationery shops (or family-friendly businesses) that would like the opportunity to be included on MomsMatter, please encourage them to send in their details - it is free to be on the directory!

MomsMatter really is all about making life easier for moms!

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