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4 Lessons for Small Business

I recently attended a once-off PR Consultation with Emma Dunk from Em-Between Communications. Each consultation is  personalised and tailor-made with advice to fit your specific business. While much of the advice that was presented to me pertained specifically to MomsMatter, there were a few points that I felt many small businesses would benefit from. 

With Emma's permission, I would like to share this valuable information with you too...

1) Take advantage of FREE exposure!

Let's face it, traditional advertising and marketing is not cheap. In fact, it's downright expensive! And while strategically placed paid-for advertising can certainly be effective, there are other options available for free exposure at no charge.

But remember - Even though these opportunities may not cost you anything, THE VALUE THAT YOU CAN GET FROM THIS EXPOSURE CAN BE HUGE. Take the time to present your information in an attractive way and to communicate the important benefits of your product/service to your target market. This free exposure can lead to sales!


2) Every business must have a web presence!

The bottom line is that YOU MUST HAVE A WEBSITE. Most moms simply do not have the time to be phoning you for more information about your product. Even 5 year olds know that if you want something - you just "Google it"! ... or "MomsMatter" it!

How can you expect a mom to know how stunning your products are if she can't see them in an instant - at the click of her mouse? When she is searching for a birthday cake, or a gift for her child, she doesn't want to have to spend time (and money) on calling you to ask you to describe her options; She wants a quick 'click-click' option where she can SEE what you can offer. 

3) Special Offers - it's all about the Offer!

By offering 'something special' to the moms, there are 3 benefits that can result:

Loyalty. Your special offer is appreciated by the moms, encouraging them to support you in return. 
Exposure, Exposure, Exposure! Even if you do not receive an immediate sale, you have created extra exposure for your business and brand, which may lead to sales in the future.
Increased SalesBut it’s all about your offer... Immediate sales are driven by how enticing and relevant your offer is. If you genuinely want to create interest and receive sales, you need to offer something more significant than a token discount/value add on. And remember, once you have a customer on board, they are more likely to support other areas of your business!


4) Feedback – Word of mouth is powerful!

Testimonials are one of the most effective ways of getting sales, and cost you absolutely nothing. The mom's grapevine is an extremely powerful tool for influencing the shopping habits of moms. 

Read some of our testimonials here.

Em-Between Communications is offering business that are currently listed on MomsMatter a 15% DISCOUNT on a "Once-off PR Consultation". Please visit Em-Between for more information and to take advantage of this Special Offer. 

A once-off PR consultation is a cost-effective option for any business - as you take away ideas/suggestions and you implement them yourself as opposed to paying someone else to do them for you. Emma will tailor the information and advice specifically for you and your business based on a short pre-meeting assessment.

*Unique visitors per month is an estimate of how many different people visited a website over one month – it calculates this by tracking their computer’s IP address among other elements. This is more valuable than a 'hit' as ONE visitor to the site can only be ONE potential customer, no matter how many pages they view on each visit.