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The Ster-Kinekor/Gateway incident email

Below is the email that has recently been circulated. Please note that it appears to be a hoax. If you would more information, please contact Haden Searle (CPF) at or read the verified email response.

Good day,

Please circulate this email to your friends and family. This is something that my husband and I experienced on Saturday night.

We were watching the movie at 22HOO and he needed to use the toilet. He went to the one at the end of the cinemas just pass the 3 D cinemas.

These toilets have no cameras that monitor them and they exit into the parking lot. Criminals have obviously realised this and have taken advantage of this.

My hubby walked into the toilet and 4 indian guys walked in behind him. They were swearing and knocked on the door of the toilet. They wanted him out and he did not budge. They started to swear and said that they should rape who ever was in that toilet. My hubby was waiting for them to leave. They got impatient and started shouting that they should rape a woman in the ladies toilet.

He tried to text me to get help but by then these guys left the men's toilet and went into the females toilet. Three went in and one stood outside and kept watch.

My hubby escaped and got a staff member who mentioned that it was an on going concern. Just then a lady went to the toilet and the staff member went to make sure that she was ok. He also said that management was aware of this and even got some guys but did not arrest them.
The staff member also mentioned that a lady had her handbag stolen in the same toilet, as these guys grabbed it and ran through the parking exits.

Even if you tried to scream in that section, no one can hear you. So, please circulate to your loved one and be safe.