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Jane and MikeBack to Jane's Blog...

This is one of the most exciting time for ECR's DJ, Jane Linley-Thomas and her husband Mike. They have just become first-time parents to a little boy they have named Cooper.

Do you remember the excitement of bringing that precious little bundle home?

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23 Comments so far:
Lea-Anne on 23 July 2010
All the best for the arrival of your lil boy Jane... its soooo exciting when you get so close... you can practically smell newborn everywhere lol!
You are going to be an awesome mommy!
Deb on 23 July 2010
Jane and Mike - you guys are as ready as you'll ever be! Wishing you an incredible experience for the birth of Cooper and the many wonderful years ahead as a family!
Leeaine on 23 July 2010
All the best for you & Mike while you await the arrival of your precious bundle of joy. She gonna miss hearing you en ECR in evenings
ERIN BESNARD on 28 July 2010
hay jane cangrats on being a first time mom!hope cooper will bring you and mike much joy!
love erin(10)
P.S:my gran is trish besnard one of your moms friends!
Shannon Wilkinson on 3 August 2010
Hi Jane thinking of you on this wonderful occasion of becoming a first time mom so bask in the glory of a job well done. Once again congraulations to you and Micheal.
Nicky on 4 August 2010
Hi Jane and Michael,

Welcome to our world , Cooper!

I pray that Cooper will fill your world with giggles and grins and a life time of happiness - all overflowing with love.

Stay up there on cloud 9 - it is a wonderful privilege to be a parent and an unbelievable feeling.
Michelle on 6 August 2010
May you both be forever young! May goodness light up every road you take. And may wisdom and good fortune be your blessings.
leonie on 13 August 2010
congrats congrats CONGRATS!!!! What a privilege and honour to be a parent! enjoy every single teeny weeny moment!
Much love and blessings to this happy new little family xxxooo
Lyn on 25 August 2010
congratulations, welcome to parenthood. enjoy every minute.enjoyed your article.
Sheena on 25 August 2010
Congrats, Jane on the birth of your beautiful boy - I have two of them and although they're often hard work in so many different ways, I love them more than life itself. Regarding the painful breastfeeding - have you tried using a silicon nipple cap? Seriously - you can get them at the pharmacy or baby store - it fits over your nipple so that you're protected while baby gets all the nutrition he needs. Once your nipples heal you can get by without it again - work beautifully for me!
oj on 26 August 2010
Hi Jane, you have been blessed - enjoy every precious minute - i promise you time flies by so quickly - my main reason is re the nipple care - did you have a lactating nurse come in especially for you - i called on in to show me how and did not have a saw nipple from day one - so i am enquiring to confirm my advise to all that the hospital nurses are not suffiecient to guide you to breastfeeding -get someone professionally to show you how and spend quality time with you to guide you and answer all questions -let me know
cindy Burger on 26 August 2010
congrats Jane,

if comforting to know that Parklands is great, i having my first baby boy there two around the 18th October, cannot wait either, thanks for the tips on breast feeding, it will be quiet and experience im sure, all the best, cinds
Bronwyn on 30 August 2010
Congrats - and it does get better, Im a first time mom to a stunning little girl Abigail is 3 months and 5 days old and Im still breast feeding without pain at last. We went to Cromptons and it did not go according to our Birth Plan either but we have her safe and sound and fall in love every day all over again. Enjoy take loads of pics and Congrats again.
Pat Sunkel on 1 September 2010
Oh Jane, Cooper is too cute for words. What a little miracle and listening to you just now chatting to Abi, you are so enjoying being a Mommy:) Its the best thing ever to have your own little children and to this day, my kids are my LIFE:) You and Mike will just love to love him more and more every minute of the day..all the milestones they reach...ohhh..Im so broody to become a Granny!!! Just a little advice Jane! Listen to your heart and do what you feel best for baby Cooper.its a motherly instinct as much as we all like to give advice! Im dying to see him one day and just enjoy your time with him..they grow so fast:) Love to you
Bev on 1 September 2010
Aah what a georgous little lamb- clever girl!
Now listen doll, the feeding gets easier- just air your nipples to the morning sun- I'm not saying join a nudist club! but the airing does them a world o good- trust me I'm a midwife!Lotsaluv
Sheena on 3 September 2010
HI Jane, well done for trying so hard with the breastfeeding - OUCH! MASTITIS! Nasty, nasty!
Glad you and Cooper are both enjoying the feeding more, now. My eldest darling boy is now 12, and I have learnt (and learn new aspects of this every day) that if the mother is happy there's a whole different atmosphere in the house, and it's necessary to be kind to yourself to make your children happier. Have a great weekend.
jenny on 3 September 2010
Well done for persevering, Jane, but I also really battled with breatfeeding-I lasted 12 weeks with my first born and 16 weeks with the second. It was so sore and I simply didn't have enough milk. Changing to the bottle was such a relief-and the best part is that someone else could feed baby which freed me up!! BONUS!
Arlene on 3 September 2010
Well done for trying, It's not easy, cracked nipples, and all, i purserveared and it does get better but I am still doing it and My daughter is 18 months old,at the end of the day its for your munchkins sake
LORNA on 20 September 2010
congratulations on the birth of Cooper - parenting is a challenge, but take it in your stride, and is sounds like you have an angel there, so you don't have much to worry about.
My daughters and I saw you at the Hilton Festival, and you looked so relaxed, and having a good time - so nice that you can enjoy things, while your littl man sleeps away. Enjoy him.
Veronica on 28 September 2010
Hi and congrats on the awsome journey you have made...

RE vaccines DO THEM ALL... when I had my first child (now 8) the MMR rumours hit the ground and I was concerned, well she had them all and is beautiful, smart hey just like her mama!!! Living in SA you cannot afford not to have the vaccines done and I mean that in the best possible way. odds of contracting deadly disease higher than risk of suspected autism. good luck for when he realises he had been jabbed and screams blue murder...
Sally on 29 September 2010
Hey Jane, I met u at the gynea.. (I had triplets). just saw your pics and Cooper is too precious for words!!! well done. just want to say Iam a big fan of yours and glad u ack on air, I love your laugh and your happy outlook. all the best with motherhood, its THE most rewarding experience ever!
Simone on 21 October 2010
Hi Jane, this is Simone, owner of Cherub Tree nappies. Just wanted to say THANKS for your blog and your great review on the nappy. So cool!!! Just shout if you have any questions or need anything. Thanks again
Odelia on 9 March 2011
Hi Jane, thank you for sharing that with us, my poor baby is also a target time and again, I read about the mozzie bands but is a little worried because my LO always puts her hands/feet in her mouth I'm afraid she'll suck on the band, have you experienced this?
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