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It's not what you know....

 .. it's who you know!

When you connect with other Moms, you learn from them as well. Struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night? Start talking to other moms, and nine times out of ten, one of them will know - and if they don't - they will know someone who will. If you're in business, do you need help with keeping tabs on your accounts, or don't know about franchising? Start talking to moms...

The reason? Because people like to help people they know - and the friendlier the relationship - the more they'll want to help you out. From putting you in touch with the right manufacturer or hairdresser, to dropping your name to a perspective customer.

And with the popularity of Mompreneurial businesses growing, there has arisen a real need to provide women - and moms specifically (some of whom have left their careers to raise their children) with the ongoing support for their small business.

 So - what are you going to do? Get chatting... that's what!