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Statements from Shopping Malls regarding security

Shopping Centres and Malls throughout South Africa are invited and encouraged to make use of this platform to educate mothers regarding their safety and security measures in place. Please email

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La Lucia Mall La Lucia Mall
Armstrong Avenue , La Lucia
Ph: 031 562 8420

"La Lucia Mall always endeavors to make it’s mall as safe as possible for everyone 24/7, 365 days a year and Centre Management, together with its trained security officers, CCTV & lockdown procedures (used only in an emergency) will do whatever it takes to assist a parent or guardian locate a missing child, should a child be reported missing.

Where a child is reported missing, Senior Management is immediately included in the “search and rescue” operation.  Where a lost child is found by a shopper, tenant, staff member or service provider, our staff are instructed to assign that child to the care of a uniformed La Lucia Mall Security Officer whose responsibility it will be to notify Centre Management and request immediate assistance from Management. Where necessary we use our P.A system to bring such matters to the attention of our shoppers.

We strongly advise parents and guardians of children to please be vigilant at all times when they are out with their children, and not just over busy periods, such as the World Cup 2010 period, when the threat of kidnapping is greater than normal.

Please refer to the Missing Children South Africa website and / or hotline - 072 MISSING (072 647 7464) for very helpful tips and guidelines in this regard."

City View Shopping Centre (formerly Game City) City View Shopping Centre (formerly Game City)
Stamford Hill Road
Ph: 031 309 6737

"The safety of our shoppers and their families is of highest priority at City View.  The Centre is patrolled 24 hrs a day by competent, trained security officers and our CCTV enables us to keep a close eye on all shoppers in the Centre.  We also have a number of Police members stationed in the vicinity of City View to further increase the safety of our shoppers.

In the event that a child is reported missing, security are notified of the details of the child’s appearance/clothing etc. and a search is initiated.  Security officers are stationed at all exits to prevent the child from leaving the centre, toilets checked and car park security notified.  Centre Management staff are made aware of the missing child and are involved in the search operation.

In the event that you are separated from your child in a shopping centre, go immediately to a uniformed security officer and request assistance – make sure you know the colour of your child’s clothing which can assist in locating the child quicker.  We encourage shoppers to teach children their full names, and at least one parents cell phone number so that parents can be contacted immediately when the child is found.  Parents can also get iron-on stickers made for children’s clothing with the child’s name and a cell phone number on it for further identification."

Galleria Galleria - Arbour Town
Cnr Moss Kolnik & Arbour Road & Arbour Crossing, Amanzimtoti
Ph: 031 904 2064 

"Galleria Shopping Centre is serving as a Park ‘n Ride facility during the World Cup period and we take the safety and security of all our customers, including children, very seriously. As such we are looking at increasing our security compliment during this time, and are negotiating with the SAP to increase patrols and activity in the Centre, particularly as we have an onsite SAPS Training Centre and satellite station. We cannot divulge the details of our security measures as this would compromise the safety and security of all.
Lost children are taken care of by our Guest Relations Officers at the Info Kiosk and announcements are made of the PA system for parents to come and collect them. This being said we request parents to be particularly aware of the children’s whereabouts and activities, particularly during the 2010 World Cup.

We urge customers with any security, or general queries or concerns to call 031 904 2233."

The Pavilion The Pavilion
Jack Martens Drive; Westville
Ph; 031 275 9800

"The Pavilion wishes to assure its customers of its ongoing endeavors to maintain a high level of customer safety in the centre.

Regular security patrols take place in the centre and there are CCTV’s in and around the centre which are linked to a control room however The Pavilion urges parents to be constantly aware of their children’s movement at all times.

We at the Pavilion are in constant meeting with SAPS, Metro Police and business against crime and have the necessary procedures in place and tested should there be a need to do a complete lock down.

We wish to assure the mothers that there is no need for panic."

Gateway Theatre of Shopping Gateway Theatre of Shopping
New Town Centre, Umhlanga Ridge
Ph; 031 514 0500

"As a major shopping and entertainment destination for the community we serve, Gateway Theatre of Shopping appeals to parents for their co-operation in curbing potential threats to the safety of their children and other centre visitors.

A growing number of parents drop off children with large amounts of money to spend on a day shopping or entertaining themselves with friends. While our priority is a safe and pleasant environment, it is ultimately not the centre’s responsibility to look after individual children and to call parents to collect their children at late hours, as we so often have done in the past. 

As part of our focus on security, and addressing constantly changing challenges,  Gateway has been at the forefront of the drive to increase awareness around human trafficking, having hosted other centres in the province at a training seminar for management and security personnel.

We do urge parents and guardians visiting any public facility to be extremely vigilant with young children. Be aware of your surroundings and if you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any time, contact the nearest security guard or uniformed staff member. In the event of an incident of any kind, it is imperative that you report it immediately. Please supply the security personnel with as much information as possible and report it to the nearest police station should the incident warrant such action.

Please note that security guards in any public area are not investigators, or law enforcement officers with official powers of arrest. Please also note that while our resources include a centre-wide CCTV surveillance system, footage can only be viewed, for security reasons, in the presence of a member of the SAPS. Please also have a reasoned and impartial approach to the content of chain emails and validate their content with centre management to so as to establish the truth."

Gateway Centre Manager, Adrian Raw

Vincent Park Shopping Centre, East London Vincent Park Shopping Mall
Deveruex Avenue, East London
Ph: 043 727 0990

"Vincent Park takes the safety of our shoppers and their children very seriously.

Trained security officers are on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Security officers are linked via radio to a central control centre from where the CCTV systems which cover the mall and parkades are monitored.

Our security staff follow strict procedures in the unfortunate event of a child becoming separated from their parents;  should a child be found they are immediately taken to the information desk and kept there while their parents are contacted.

Should you become separated from your child immediately approach the nearest security officer who will radio all other officers on site and then promptly make your way to the information desk. In the event that the Information desk is closed, please approach one of our security staff.

My Vincinity Kids Club: The My Vicinity kids club requires all children to be signed in by their parent/guardian and all children are issued with a wrist band detailing who they are and the contact info of their parent /guardian.

Children are not allowed to leave the zone until the person who has checked them in collects them;  should a child need/ask to be collected the person who checked them into the zone is contacted immediately and asked to collect the child.

Under no circumstances is the child released to anyone other than the person who checked them into the zone. The zone is managed and facilitated at all times and only registered children and their parents are allowed to enter.

Photographs are not allowed except by Vincent Park Centre Management and Kids Zone Staff.

Children’s safety is the main concern; if you are in doubt do not leave your child in the zone."