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Official Statement from Vincent Park

Safety First!

Vincent Park takes the safety of our shoppers and their children very seriously.

Trained security officers are on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Security officers are linked via radio to a central control centre from where the CCTV systems which cover the mall and parkades are monitored.

Our security staff follow strict procedures in the unfortunate event of a child becoming separated from their parents;  should a child be found they are immediately taken to the information desk and kept there while their parents are contacted.

Should you become separated from your child immediately approach the nearest security officer who will radio all other officers on site and then promptly make your way to the information desk. In the event that the Information desk is closed, please approach one of our security staff.

My Vincinity Kids Club

The My Vicinity kids club requires all children to be signed in by their parent/guardian and all children are issued with a wrist band detailing who they are and the contact info of their parent /guardian.

Children are not allowed to leave the zone until the person who has checked them in collects them;  should a child need/ask to be collected the person who checked them into the zone is contacted immediately and asked to collect the child.

Under no circumstances is the child released to anyone other than the person who checked them into the zone. The zone is managed and facilitated at all times and only registered children and their parents are allowed to enter.

Photographs are not allowed except by Vincent Park Centre Management and Kids Zone Staff.

Children’s safety is the main concern; if you are in doubt do not leave your child in the zone.

Moms Matter at Vincent ParkIf you have any questions or concerns about the safety of your children at the mall please contact Vincent Park Centre Management.

Tel: 043 727 0990