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Missing Children SA

Missing Children SAThe shocking reality.

Since official statistics were launched in 1994 there have been over 1000 children reported missing in South Africa that were never recovered, that’s  a whole school missing without a trace.

About 1200 children are reported missing each year in our country, with more than 90% being found within the first week. This unfortunately still leaves us with at least 10% of the children not being traced.

This figure is regarded as conservative. There is a demand for trafficked children as cheap labour or for sexual exploitation.

It can happen to your child!!!!

Download safety tips for your child here

Missing Children SA was established in March 2007 in response to the kidnapping and brutal murders of Sheldean Human (7) of Pretoria and Anestacia Wiese (12) of Mitchell’s Plain, to assist and support families finding themselves in similar tragic situations.

The first 24 hours after a child goes missing, is the most crucial and our organisation exists to create awareness and to react immediately, when a child is reported missing.

Missing Children SA assists the South African Police Service in finding children and creating a national awareness. Citizens of South Africa do not realise the reality of child abduction and run-aways and as an organisation we intend to change this point of view.

For more about the mission of Missing Children SA, please visit their website and see the incredible work they are doing for our children at