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Under-The-Table House Project for Kids

Create an under-the-table house with your kidsNothing could be easier than draping a large sheet over a table to make a secret play space underneath, which can become anything from a tent in the jungle to a mountaintop castle.

This example has a playhouse feel to it.

You will need:

Large sheet or sheeting fabric to fit over your table
Tape measure
Tailor's chalk
Fabric scraps
Pinking shears
Sewing machine and matching thread
Plastic sheeting
Dressmakers pins

  1. Decide on the height on width of the door and windows needed. Measure and mark up on your sheet with tailor’s chalk and cut-out.
  2. Cut a door ‘curtain’ from a scrap of fabric using pinking shears and making it 2cm wider than the doorway. Stictch it to the top of the doorway.
  3. Measure and cut out plastic ‘windows’. They should be about 4cm bigger than the window opening. Pin these in place behind the openings and stitch down.
  4. Measure and cut four curtains from matching scraps of fabric, using pinking shears. Attach these to these to the ‘outside’ of the sheet, carefully stitching them to the house along the top of the window, and taking care to conceal the plastic window seam beneath. Make two fabric tie backs per curtain and stitch in place.
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