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Look your best on a blah day
Did you wake up today looking in the mirror and feeling like you should crawl back into bed? Don’t fret. TheBeautyReporter is here to save you when you’ve been struck by an off day! You’ve got one eye open tryin...

Have you ever considered HypnoBirthing?
10lb 2oz first baby in three hours with no drugs using HypnoBirthing! They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Well here’s a story that will make you think twice about your birth optio...

New Years Resolutions that will - really - make a difference
Before you put too much effort into making meaningful, fresh-start New Year resolutions, let me tell you what the 10 most common are: Get organised Help others Spend more time with family and...

Communicate better with your baby
At birth, a baby’s skin is their window to the unfamiliar world that surrounds them.  For the first few months of their life, touch is one of their most advanced abilities, as newborns can feel better than they see, h...

Why Moms do Matter!
Moms, you are the centre of your child’s universe! You hold the home together. You remember to feed the hamster. You’re the one who’ll brave the weather to pick mulberry leaves from the tree at the very bottom of the garden so that the si...

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