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Be aware of online privacy with Social Media
Article contributed by Wilmie van Tonder (Social Worker and Family Therapist) I regularly wonder about the whereabouts of old friends and family and without much effort I just go on Facebook. Within seconds I have a pretty good i...

5 Myths of Motherhood
There are 5 key commonly held myths regarding motherhood: 1. The instantaneous and automatic bonding of Mother with child Most mothers believe that they will instantaneously feel a natural and instinctive maternal co...

Consumer Protection Act
  The Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 (the Act) has recently been passed into law in South Africa, and this is good news for the consumer who is now afforded additional protection when purchasing goods or procuring services. ...

Tips to create space in your home
Need room to breathe? Here are some tips to create space...   Most house have at least one small room. While small and cozy works for some, others prefer larger, airier rooms to allow things to look more spacious. Designers get paid thousa...

Psuedo ADHD - Does it exist?
Is there a condition that looks like ADHD, but is not? Here's the answer! ADHD is a complex condition, of that there's no doubt. There are so many myths and legends that swirl around ADHD that it's often difficult t...

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