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Teen Scene - What do you think?
There doesn't seem to be many safe entertainment options for young teenagers, and hearing her 13 year old daughter repeatedly say "There's nothing to do" has sparked an idea in this mom's mind... "The idea behind T...

Understanding your Teenager
During adolescence (the teenage years), as the result of hormonal changes, teens experience tremendous growth in their bodies, minds and thinking abilities. They develop very powerful needs for more freedom (independence), the n...

Tips for Buying Your Child a Bicycle
Most of us remember our first bicycle. Chances are it was handed down from big brother or sister, carefully repainted or polished to look 'like new', and was your pride and joy. Those early childhood memories were your first real taste of freedom, of exhil...

Pocket Money for Kids
Using bribery pocket money as a starting point you can develop important life skills. But seriously, children need to know that money comes into the household through working and that it is not a limitless supply. If their pocke...

Boosting Study Skills with your ADHD Child
It’s common for children to be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) around the time they start school – problems paying attention and sitting still become much more apparent in the classroom setting. It can make mastering study skil...

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