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Statements from Shopping Malls regarding security
Shopping Centres and Malls throughout South Africa are invited and encouraged to make use of this platform to educate mothers regarding their safety and security measures in place. Please email ...

Playing Doctor to your Baby
Administering medicine to your baby is an acquired skill and each time might produce different results. Infant medication tends to have a pleasantly sweet taste to it but this doesn’t stop them from spitting it all up on you! Common ache...

Sugar is Powerful & Healthy....
... in a balanced diet. The key factor in health is balance. Mothers are probably the main members of the family structure who ensure that some semblance of a balanced diet is maintained. Any effort to...

More resources for moms
Please note that the information within these sites is not meant to take the place of professional advice. I hope that you will find them useful, however I encourage you to always use your G...

Reduce Your Baby's Separation Anxiety
You've spent months finding the perfect daycare or preschool. It's a wonderful place with kind and loving caregivers, an abundance of toys, lots of new friends, and a great play yard. Then . . . your child cries and clings to you when you drop her off, and...

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