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Notes from the Principal - re: Child Trafficking
On Monday night I attended the talk on Human Trafficking that was held at COGS (Church of the Good Shepard). As scary as the subject is, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to become more informed and am relieved that we are a step ahead of others in insisting on c...

Just Us 4 Kids Project
Just Us 4 Children is an organization started in February 2010. The objective is to raise funds through various fund raising efforts to ensure that all children who have & are being abused have the resources required to ensu...

5 Financial Life Stages of Parents
Having children is an expensive exercise – but with careful planning and a good knowledge of the life stages of your kids, you can have a worry-free financial journey with them. René Roux suggests 5 financial tips to implement during their var...

Child Prostitution in 2010
"Let's create awareness... Awareness is power and the only way to protect our children from the ruthless hands of criminals is to ensure that they are vigilant and careful." It is hard for any of us to imagine that there is a child t...

Living with a Lefty
Living with a little Lefty in a ‘right-handed’ world can be very confusing.  Whilst many adults  have learnt to adapt and use – in some cases very clumsily! – their right hands for most tasks, some children can struggle as...

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