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Exercises you can do at Home
Weight loss exercises you can do at home Exercise is an important part of any weight loss program, mainly because it increases metabolism while you’re exercising and for a while after. Also, more muscle means more fat burni...

Jes Foord Rape Centre opens it doors
The Jes Foorde / Netcare Rape Centre was recently opened. As Jes said in her speech – her dream was to have a house, but now she has a whole hospital!!! During her speech whilst saying all her thank you’s to all the sponsors, she said the people she wanted to thank the most, were...

Top Tips for online safety
By Wilmie van Tonder (Social Worker and Family Therapist, ParentsCorner   When it comes to information technology, one needs to think quickly in order to stay safe. Our children get exposed to new information and new services daily and whi...

Healthy Sensory habits for 21st century parents
contribution by Annemarie Lombard Twenty first century parenting is difficult.  The demands and influences are escalating and we are continuously being judged by the norms of our society.  It ...

Mom Jailed For Being Just Over The Limit
You may have seen this email circulating in the past few weeks. It's one of those scary stories that could happen to any one of us moms. Have a read and next time you're out and about having a spot of fun, think again before you drink and dri...

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