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Manners Maketh the Man - (by Dads Matter)
They say Manners Maketh Man which I presume to mean the difference between humans and animals. I'm sure there are animals with better manners than some humans, although bad manners aren't necessarily displayed by bad children. The subject of &...

Talking to your kids about S.E.X.
“Mommy, where do babies come from?” Talking to your child about sex is never easy. It takes courage, little homework and lots of practice. Talking sex is not only teaching your child about sexual intercourse. Sexuality involves mor...

Gearing up for Growth (Business)
This series of articles focus on those things that will, if implemented properly, make your business grow.  In this article we illustrate how the fundamentals of marketing form an integrated part of your business model. Is my business ...

Busting the 'Sleep Myths'
Much is written and talked about on baby sleep, some of which is more fiction than fact!  These myths can be misleading to mum as she tries to get her baby to sleep better: MYTH - Babies sleep best in a quiet, still crib ...

Secrets of Motherhood for the First-Time Mom
Reprinted with permission from I wanted to be a Mommy so badly and then it happened. I never believed the one or two complaints of Motherhood that I heard on television. I couldn't imagine that people would ac...

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