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Skills to Boost Your Kids
"In the sci-fi world of rockets and robots, computer keyboards don’t exist. Humans always talk to their computers, giving them orders, commands and requests. In the blockbuster film Avatar, touch screen technology was the big deal...

Kids' Rooms Get Creative
Designing in a small space It's a fact that kid bedrooms are often small and pokey, with minimal built-in storage and inadequate natural light. To compensate for this there are various ways that you can design a room that incorpo...

Developing a Sense of Humour
The first little smile and the heaven-sent gurgles of laughter that baby shares with us are truly magic moments in the early days of parenthood. But when does a baby chuckle start to develop into a true sense of humour? "A baby is social...

ROAD CLOSURE N3 North and South bound - 21 August 2010
Due to the partial demolition on the Chota Motala Bridge over the N3, the following traffic accommodation needs to be done: On 21 August 2010 the South Bound carriageway will be closed to traffic at CEDARA. Light motor vehicl...

5 Facts about Tomatoes
Brought to you by 5-a-Day     1 Tomatoes are botanically classified as a fruit but are genetically eat...

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