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Back to School Price Reccy - 2010 (update)
Wow! The response to the Back To School price comparison surprised quite a few moms (myself included). And I want to remind you that the Waltons BTS prices were compared to Shelf Prices on 6th November 2009. The chain stores wil...

Back to School Price Reccy - 2010
This original "BTS 2010 Price Reccy" was published in November 2009, with a subsequent update which included information from two Independent Stationers offering to beat Waltons prices. Please note: THIS INFORMATION ...

4 Hot Tips for Work-At-Home Moms
If you are one of the mothers who want to make extra money at home but are unsure what to do, here are some tips could help you decide. Since the world is becoming more dangerous by the day, especially for children, many parents,...

ECR's Eccentric Mom
re-published with permission from Get It magazine, November 2010 At home with new mom, Jane Linley-Thomas East Coast Radio’s Jane Linley-Thomas has won the hearts of many Durbanites with her vibrant radio perso...

Overall Wellness & the Benefits of Exercise
By Bruce Classen: Celebrity Fitness Trainer, best known as the winning red team trainer from eTV’s Biggest Loser South Africa in 2008. Wellness is a multidimensional state of well-being pertaining to the dimensions of the human body phys...

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