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Unacceptable Chemicals in Mosquito Repellents for infants
As South Africa heads back into the Summer season, unwelcome bugs will once again make an appearance, and in particular mosquitoes will again hunt during the night, causing a great deal of irritation and stress to infants and toddlers. ...

Bannish offending odours from your Home
Have certain areas of your home been smelling a little funky lately? Our warm, sometimes humid weather is the perfect breeding ground for the mould and bacteria that cause most household odours. Rather than covering up your stin...

Festive Season - The Neat Freak Survival Pack!
Every year, the holiday buzz begins a little earlier – have you noticed that? Shops start hanging their Christmas decorations as early as October resulting in panic because there is so much to do and so little time. Adding to the sense ...

Hairstyles to suit your face
Spring is just around the corner and if you are someone who would like to have a new haircut, here’s a quick guide of what celebrity haircuts to look for for five different face shapes. Oval Face Shape This is considered the...

When your child keeps interrupting
Whether you’re on the phone, busy on your computer, or talking to another adult, it can be frustrating when your children constantly interrupt you. What’s surprising to learn is that they do it because they always get a response from you when t...

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