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Keeping your child safe - Despite the digital generation gap
When we were children the standing joke was that the kids had to set the video machine for their non-technical parents. We’d grown up with video machines, while for our parents they were still new-fangled devices. Fast forward to today a...

Guide for Living in 2011
I received this from a mom via email yesterday and I just love it! If anyone knows the original source, please email me ( for full credit. To be honest, I don't think this is necessarily true only f...

Back to School 2011
The 2011 School Year has already started for some of South Africa, and the rest of us will be following suit on Wednesday.. Here are a few tips, special offers and FREE DOWNLOADS for helping the 2011 school year to be fuss-free ...

Back to School 2011 (pt 2)
DAILY ROUTINE Download the SCHOOL WEEK AT A GLANCE planner and note down your children's c...

Back to School 2011 (pt 3)
HOMEWORK Some children find learning difficult and some find it easy when they get into it but ...

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