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Single Mom's Club - Best Budgeting Strategies this Festive
Single Mom’s Club – Best Budgeting Strategies this Festive By Martha Chauke You’ve had a reeaallllyyy long day at work and secretly can’t wait to knock-off, drive home as quickly as possible, and maybe nap for 30 mins or so, before your nanny leaves. Before walking out...

Who's the father? Could a Paternity Test be the Answer
Who’s the father? Could a Paternity Test be the Answer If you wonder who the real father of your child actually is, you are just one amongst thousands – no need to feel alone. The American Association of Blood Banks, which sets standards for DNA testing laboratories, gives some astoundi...

Conversational Zulu Lessons (Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal)
Beginners Conversational Zulu Speaking Lessons in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal IsiZulu Sokuzwana                                  &nbs...

DNA testing whilst Pregnant: Amniocentesis, CVS and Non Invasive Testing
DNA testing whilst Pregnant: Amniocentesis, CVS and Non Invasive Testing The risks of fetal DNA testing to establish the baby’s health or even paternity have been well documented and researched. It is important in some cases to be able to analyze samples of fetal DNA to determine how likely i...

Baby Gender Testing: Is it a baby boy or baby girl?
Baby Gender Testing: Is it a baby boy or baby girl? Couples awaiting the birth of a child are often absorbed by the thought of whether it will be a baby boy or baby girl. Baby gender tests are in fact often carried out in order to help couples cut short that probing question. In most cases, finding...

Golden Sleep
Pampers® Golden Sleep II Fact Sheet   The Importance of Sleep Sleep is vital for baby’s cognitive, behavioural and physical development. It helps them make sense of all their new experiences in thei...

Make sure your bra fits
Courtesy of Satin Candy An ill fitting bra can not only make you look bad, it can really effect your health. Badly fitting bra’s can lead to bad posture and back pain.  We have all heard the statistic that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra but how do you tell? 1. ...

Breast Cancer Self Examination
Courtesy of Satin Candy Breast Cancer Awareness This is getting to know the feel and look of your breasts so that you notice any change in them. Changes can be anything from nipple discharge or change in nipple shape, obviously a lump, redness , tender area or a dent in the breast. You...

Healthy Living
      The truth is, it’s not about stop-start dieting, a magic pill or sabotaging good intentions with bad habbits. Embarking on a long-term commitment to a balanced lifestyle is essential to achieving a healthy sustainable weight. It’s a mind-shift that Her...

Exercises you can do at Home
Weight loss exercises you can do at home Exercise is an important part of any weight loss program, mainly because it increases metabolism while you’re exercising and for a while after. Also, more muscle means more fat burni...

Jes Foord Rape Centre opens it doors
The Jes Foorde / Netcare Rape Centre was recently opened. As Jes said in her speech – her dream was to have a house, but now she has a whole hospital!!! During her speech whilst saying all her thank you’s to all the sponsors, she said the people she wanted to thank the most, were...

Top Tips for online safety
By Wilmie van Tonder (Social Worker and Family Therapist, ParentsCorner   When it comes to information technology, one needs to think quickly in order to stay safe. Our children get exposed to new information and new services daily and whi...

Healthy Sensory habits for 21st century parents
contribution by Annemarie Lombard Twenty first century parenting is difficult.  The demands and influences are escalating and we are continuously being judged by the norms of our society.  It ...

Mom Jailed For Being Just Over The Limit
You may have seen this email circulating in the past few weeks. It's one of those scary stories that could happen to any one of us moms. Have a read and next time you're out and about having a spot of fun, think again before you drink and dri...

Preservatives and The Shelf Life of your Beauty Products
Ever wondered about the shelf life of your pile of make up or products? Have your ever opened that hand cream you found in the back of the bathroom cupboard and after a few years it still smells okay to use....(but is it safe to use?).  ...

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